Greetings from Kaimana!

February 18th - 20th, 2017


Kaimana Klassik 29 was a blast! Congrats to our Open Division winners KUT and Womens Division winners Beachyonce! Special shout outs to our spirit team winners - Freaks and Diva Cup Dragons!

Thanks to the Big Island for an amazing Post-Kaimana Hat Draw! Ultimate Central

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Jill Van Wie
It really is the best tournament in the U.S., and rivals only Paganello as the best tournament in the world. I hear next year's 20th annual tourney is one not to be missed, so I'll see you there.
JD Lobue, Jr.
Having been to over a dozen Kaimana Klassiks, I have to say that it is the best ultimate experience I've ever had. Where else can you enjoy the peaceful, relaxing climate, the aloha of the local community, and have fun playing ultimate all at the same time?
Sam O'Brien
I've been playing ultimate with silly dedication for 7 years, and my first trip to Kaimana this past weekend was hands-down the most fun I have ever had at a tournament.
Joanne Adam­kewicz
As always, it was the best. This was #6 for me, but I hadn't been back since 2000, now I'm thinking, "How can I stay away??"!! The lined fields, the score boards, the abundant food -- all great.
Chris­topher Yap
This has got to be one of the best tournaments I've ever been to! I found spirit to be the main theme of the weekend. Everyone is there to play hard ultimate during the day, but when the day is done, it's a big social event. It is very easy to make new friends in this environment.
I was there with the womens Bec team, from Montreal, that won the spirit award, you know the chicks that went topless! Just wanted to say that I agree, best tournament I've ever been to!
Jim Siewert
Thank you for the hospitality and the greatest tournaments. I am glad for new teammates and friends, having found a state I should have found a long time ago and enjoyed it through great hosts and two spectacular tournaments.