Tournament Information

Kaimana Klassik 31

2/17/18 to 2/19/18 at Honolulu Polo Club, Waimanalo, HI

The party starts on Friday, February 16th with evening registration and entertainment.  Games kick off Saturday morning and continue through finals on the afternoon of Monday, February 19th (President’s Day).  Bring your gear to set up camp across the street from the fields at one of O’ahu’s premiere beaches, or get some friends and rent a house in wonderful Waimanalo!

Stick around for the Big Island Hat Draw held in Hilo, Hawaii February 24th & 25th, 2018.

Team Captains – The bid window will be open from September 25th until October 27th.  Submit your bids HERE.  The team bid fee of $540 includes 3 individual team members. This will be fully refunded should your bid not be accepted. The Kommittee considers many variables when accepting teams and this year will likely be a very competitive year.  Last year for our 30th anniversary we received 55 bids and accepted 40 teams (20 open and women’s teams).  This year we will be going back to our traditional format and will only be accepting 32 teams.  Make sure you’re one of them!  We will notify teams regarding bid acceptance by Friday, 11/3.

The Kommittee considers many variables when accepting teams and each year becomes more and more competitive.  Here’s what we base our decisions on:

  • Overall Bid Quality
  • Spirit
  • Competitiveness
  • Volunteerism
  • History
  • Geographic Diversity


Overall Bid Quality

Words are great, but showing us what is unique about your team is even better! Past teams have sent in videos, constructed poems, sent in arts and crafts, the sky’s the limit.  We like this.  A lot.  Let your creativity thrive.  You can watch last year’s best womens and open bid videos for inspiration!


Kaimana Klassik strives to strike a balance between spirit and competition.  To truly understand what our tournament is about read “The Spirit of Kaimana”.  Tell us how your team aligns with our event.  Have you won our spirit award or been granted spirit awards at other tournaments?


As stated previously, we value both spirit and competition.  Teams that win the tournament the previous year are given automatic entry for the following year (upon on-time and submission of a complete bid).  If you’ve won in the past let us know.  What other tournaments have you been to? How have you fared?


Do you have a record of volunteerism at Kaimana Klassik in years past?  If you’re new to the tournament is your team willing to help out? The Hawaii Ultimate League Association is a non-profit organization.  Our entire Kommittee is composed of individuals who volunteer their time to make Kaimana Klassik happen.  Therefore, we depend on the teams participating in the tournament to help us out when they can with a smile on their faces and with the spirit of Aloha in mind.


We certainly value history and those teams that attend year after year.  But more importantly we value the teams that are consistently spirited AND competitive.

Geographic Diversity

We love meeting new people and value having teams from all over the globe at our event.  In the past, we’ve had teams from Japan, Australia, Canada, and Europe.  We’d like to keep adding new countries to this list.

Making New Friends!

We’d love to have teams we’ve never met before at this year’s Kaimana!

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XXX Bid Video Contest XXX  #kkxxx

Congratulations Mammoth and Diva Cup Dragons!! Their amazing bids got them voted right into KK XXX!!


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